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Basic Training 4-Week Course


Learn the basics of Krav Maga self-defense in this 4-week training program. This course is intended to be a kick-starter for those interested in learning Krav Maga self-defense and is open to all individuals 13+ regardless of experience or fitness level. You'll learn the same striking, self-defense, weapons defenses, and tactics to protect yourself and your loved ones that we teach to the military, law enforcement, and undercover operators.

What you'll get:

• 4 Weekly Semi-Private Classes

• 2-Week Trial Of Our Regular Group Classes After Completing The Course

• Basic Introduction to Self-Defense, Striking, Ground Fighting and Weapons Defenses

• Boxing Gloves

• T-Shirt

• Learn how to defend yourself in ANY situation

• Get into great shape fast

• Become more confident and mentally strong

• Develop awareness

• No egos, just a fun friendly environment

• Ages 13+

To see other upcoming start dates and to register click here.

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