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-6 Week Challenge-

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Who is this Boot Camp for?

No need to already be in shape... Beginners welcome!

  •  This is a coed program.

  •  You must be able to invest 1 hour per session, 3 days per week at our Sandy Utah facility

  •  You will take before and after pictures to document your success

  •  You must be willing to commit to the full 6-week program. The first week or so will be tough, but so worth it!

  •  Must have the personal discipline to follow our nutritional program.

  •  Your workouts will be tailored to your level of ability. Each participant will have personalized coaching to maximize results.

  •  You'll be training in a group with other enthusiastic students. If you've never been in a high-energy Krav Maga gym before, you're in for a treat.

  •  You must be committed to your own success. As powerful as our instruction is, we obviously cannot reach your goals for you.

  •  No need to wear makeup or the latest "workout fashions." Egos are to be checked at the door.

  •  Whether you're interested in losing weight, gaining strength and speed, or a bit of both, this challenge will work for you.

  •  This program is tested and proven to get results, but only if you follow it!

Program Cost: ONLY $250 

Start Date: Coming Soon!

Days: Monday, Wednesday & Friday

Times: 6am


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