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Corporate, education, and group presentations & active self-defense training.

U.S. Violence Related Injuries By Occupation (2013)


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Workplace Personal Safety for Everyone!


Ensuring that your employees are safe at the workplace and at home is an important part of your company's liability exposure and is vital to employee productivity and morale.  Having employees that can spot, avoid, and overcome problems as they arise is a must in today's turbulent world.  Give your employees the tools they need to ensure they stay safe in the workplace while building a stronger, more capable team.

Unified Krav Maga founder and chief instructor Joseph Gleed, a former undercover operator that has worked extensively in helping to rescue hundreds of children trapped in sex trafficking and is a leading expert in self-defense.  This includes workplace safety, de-escalation, situational awareness, working under stress (stress inoculation), active shooter tactics, women’s self-defense, including domestic and interpersonal violence, and more in active workshops and multimedia presentations, including virtual.  

A few of the companies that have benefited from our services include: 

  • Dell

  • American Express

  • Operation Underground Railroad

  • ABC News

  • Utah Tactical Officers Association 

  • The Child Liberation Foundation

  • Ladies in Motion

  • Edwards Lifesciences 

  • Utah Military Academy

  • Coca-Cola FEMSA, Mexico

  • Salt Lake County

  • Tiger Light

  • Wingate Institute, Israel

  • Extensive Military & Police Units

  • The Janis Project

  • Utah Preppers

  • Silencer Co.

  • Citizen Armor

  • South Point Counseling Services

  • Alpine School District

See what Utah's Attorney General Sean Reyes has to say:

"Master Gleed imparts more than skill and technique.  He teaches a philosophy and system with a clear understanding of why you are defending or attacking instead of just how. And he does it all with great enthusiasm and the right balance of patience and push.  Soccer moms, CEOs, law enforcement and everyone in between can benefit from his expertise.  Beyond all of that, Master Gleed and I have put our lives in each others hands working undercover together and I trust his judgment, skill, knowledge and absolute calm under pressure. "

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