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Our Boot Camp is now ongoing so you can start anytime!


Who is this Boot Camp for?

No need to already be in shape... Beginners welcome!

Want to get into amazing shape fast while learning REAL self-defense and fighting?  With our blend of kickboxing, MMA, and Krav Maga you’ll have fun while kicking your metabolism into overdrive!  Our classes are a high-intensity interval training program that will push you to a new level of strength, stamina and endurance. We combine elements of strength training, kickboxing, MMA, and Krav Maga self-defense to give you an amazing workout every class and with each class being a different, unique blend you’ll never get bored with your workout again! 

The instructor-led group format will drive you to achieve new personal bests that you can feel and see each week. You don’t need to be already fit. You just have to be committed to working hard and giving 100% to becoming stronger, healthier, and more confident.

The workouts are hard. No shortcuts or magic pills here. So if you’re ready to challenge yourself and kick your fitness routine into overdrive, follow the link below to schedule a FREE introductory class:

Meal plans are NOT included at this time.

F2F Memberships Starting as Low as $70/month 

What Our Members Are Saying


I went through the 6 week fitness challenge and can't recommend it enough. I lost 18lbs and 2 pant sizes. The instructors were amazing - very accommodating to individual needs and really hold you accountable for working your hardest. I hope to go back at some point. Thanks Joseph and the Krav maga team!


I love Krav Maga class! Their staff is so helpful and encouraging and make sure you are pushing yourself and improving at every class! I am going to sign up for another 6 weeks!! Booyaah!


I'm on my second week (of the 6 weeks challenge) and I'm loving it! Everyone is super nice, we're always laughing and working hard. Great atmosphere. I can feel my body getting stronger, I'm actually excited for the next class and I can't even sit without almost crying �� (so sore).

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