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Basic Training 6 Week Course

Basic Training 6 Week Course

$200.00 Regular Price
$150.00Sale Price



This course is intended to be a kickstarter course for those interested in learning more about Krav Maga and real-world self-defense. No previous experience is needed and all abilities and skill levels are encouraged to join. You'll learn the same striking, self-defense, weapons defenses, and tactics to protect yourself and your loved ones that we teach to the military, law enforcement, and undercover operators. We have Basic Training courses for Beginners, Level 2, and Teens!


What you'll get:

• 4 Weekly Semi-Private Classes
• Basic Introduction to Self-Defense, Striking, and Weapons Defenses
• Boxing Gloves + tee shirt
• 2-Week Trial Of Our Regular Group Classes After Completing The Course 
• Learn how to defend yourself in ANY situation
• Become more confident and mentally strong
• Develop awareness
• No egos, just a fun friendly environment

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