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Summer sale!!!

Martial Arts and Self-Defense For Kids, Adults, & Families

Come in now and save BIG. Have fun while you boost your fitness and learn real self-defense so you can walk in peace.  You'll learn the same striking, self-defense, and tactics to protect yourself and your loved ones that we teach to military, law enforcement, and undercover operators


What are the benefits of learning Krav Maga?

✅ Learn how to defend yourself in ANY situation

✅ Get into great shape fast

✅ Become more confident and mentally strong

✅ Develop awareness

✅ Access to our online library at Krav Online

✅ No prior experience or fitness level needed

✅ No egos, just a fun friendly environment! 


To schedule an Intro Class*                 

*Intro Class fee credited towards first month membership payment upon sign-up. 

Pick a package that works for you!

Still Have Questions?
Talk to one of our New Member Managers today!
Call or Text 801-616-6805

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