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Fitness Programs

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Fitness Boot Camp

The Unified Krav Maga Fighting-2-Fitness program was created to bring the health benefits of Krav Maga to people who are primarily interested in developing peak fitness but also want to learn real world self-defense.


We’ve seen how Krav Maga training has caused dramatic changes in the lives of people who engage in it, increasing overall confidence and ability even beyond their own self-defense goals. With the Boot Camp, we are seeking men and women who will be a living statement of this power and confidence, and an example of what’s possible for the many women seeking such empowerment.

Are you ready to inspire yourself and others? Then apply now and take the next step to having the energetic and fit body you know you deserve.

Apply today - our Boot Camp fills up FAST!

Tired of the same old gym scene? Paying a lot of money each month for a ticket to the "meat market"? Why not experience "Fitness Elevated"? Our fitness programs break out from the monotony of exercise. Our fitness programs will push you, challenge you and most of all, entertain you. Yes, fitness can be fun. If you don't want to come back (or even can't get out bed) then we've done something wrong. New Year Resolutions fail because gyms suck. We don't. So what do you have to lose besides the outdated gym dues? 

With a heart pumping, body toning fitness program.  “A lot of students initially come for the fitness classes that incorporate Krav Maga moves for a great workout, then find themselves released from their own self imposed fears and begin to feel strong and confident.”


“I was bored stiff doing leg lifts in other fitness classes,” explains one student.  “Now I’m on the ground practicing a defensive kick maneuver into a bag that works my ‘glutes’ ten times harder!”


“Some people come for the safety factor and they become physically fit.  Some people come for the fitness factor and they leave safer.” 


People of all ages and levels of physical fitness can start out as beginners and work their way up very quickly.  Students not only walk away with hard bodies, healthy hearts, and self defense techniques, they learn how to prepare themselves mentally to tap into their own aggressiveness in any situation.  Krav Maga, the fitness and self defense program that’s fast becoming the choice for professionals and civilians alike. 



I went through the 6 week fitness challenge and can't recommend it enough. I lost 18lbs and 2 pant sizes. The instructors were amazing - very accommodating to individual needs and really hold you accountable for working your hardest. I hope to go back at some point. Thanks Joseph and the Krav maga team!


I love Krav Maga class! Their staff is so helpful and encouraging and make sure you are pushing yourself and improving at every class! I am going to sign up for another 6 weeks!! Booyaah!


I'm on my second week (of the 6 weeks challenge) and I'm loving it! Everyone is super nice, we're always laughing and working hard. Great atmosphere. I can feel my body getting stronger, I'm actually excited for the next class and I can't even sit without almost crying �� (so sore).

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